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Search Results for Ladies Handmade Shell Jewelry - Philippines Exported Products to the World

 Philippine Exported lei / rubber seeds and round wood beads 20mm in green combination/ 34 in.adjustable

 Philippine Exported nat. white wood teddy bear 35mm

 Philippine Exported 24 pcs. Graduated ( 38mm / 32mm / 28mm / 24mm / 19mm ) overlapping embossed flat round natural white wood in black clear semi gloss protective topcoat coconut heishi

 Philippine Exported grinded white puka shell class a / specify size 4-5, 7-8, 9-11, 14-15, jumbo shl class a

 Philippine Exported 4 rows wax cord 75mmx55mm ( 10mm thickness ) camagong tiger pendant, tip inlaid MOP shell / 18in

 Philippine Exported braided/ two toned agsam vine

 Philippine Exported round 50mm blacktab shell handpainted design - metallic/embossed / floral hand painted using japanese materials in the form of maki-e art a traditional japanese form of hand painting

 Philippine Exported hematite / silvery & shiny opaque stone / oval 4mmx6mm in magic wire

 Philippine Exported elastic 9 pcs. kukui nuts bracelet / pink

 Philippine Exported yellow buri tube black /bleach coconut Pukalet & glass beads

 Philippine Exported 2-3 coconut heishi combination horn amber nuggets

 Philippine Exported silver hoop MOP 40mm /molten silver metal series / attached jump rings / electroplated / jo-032 / 18in

 Philippine Exported 3 rows wine colored wax cord piktin valuim (approx. 40mm - varying natural sizes ) moltensilver metal series / attached jump rings / electroplated / st-2-a / 18in

 Philippine Exported 5 layers wax cord glass beads & 40mm round blacktab shell pendant

 Philippine Exported nat. wood round beads burning

 Philippine Exported big accent haute hippie oval 40mmx30mm / adjustable metal ring/ polished robles wood and camagong tiger wood combination

 Philippine Exported 45mm turtle MOP carved skin in wax cord

 Philippine Exported wrapped wood beads, rubber seeds, gold & red round wood beads in 3 layers knotted satin cord & gold ribbon dnagling 55mm black tab shell, gold threads, asstd wood beads

 Philippine Exported 4-5 coconut nat. brown Pukalet orange accent

 Philippine Exported light brown 4-5mm coconut Pukalet 15mm round black silver splaashing wood beads and red round buri seeds combination buri nuggets alt./ 32 in

 Philippine Exported 4-5mm blacklip heishe

 Philippine Exported oval MOP skin flower carving design 40mm

 Philippine Exported 20mm natural white round wood beads wrapped in blue/white crochet / price per piece

 Philippine Exported nat. wood bangle in brown & metallic gold crackle painting ht=13mmmm thickness=45mm inner diameter=65mm outer diameter=140mm

 Philippine Exported robles slidecut wood beads 4mmx8mmx21mm

 Philippine Exported 7 layers 2-3mm coconut heishe/melo shell heishe/glass beads and shell nuggets combination 55mmx35mm rectangular laminated wood handpainted animal print / 22in

 Philippine Exported painted bone elastic bangle - blue / ht=55mm

 Philippine Exported black/white clam combination

 Philippine Exported white glass beads luhuanus fetish /dyed white rose

 Philippine Exported fish handpainted wood keychain 73mmx35mm / can be personalized text

 Philippine Exported 4-5 nat. pukalet/ royal blue white clam

 Philippine Exported golden macrame dangling 15mm nat. flower hammershells buri seeds

 Philippine Exported 4 layers tassled brown glass beads frog shells, 25mm flat square robles wood and troca accent/ 22in plus 2.5in tassles

 Philippine Exported round 50mm blacktab shell handpainted design - metallic/embossed / tribal hand painted using japanese materials in the form of maki-e art a traditional japanese form of hand painting

 Philippine Exported 40mm melo shell pendant skin in metal chain & shell beads accent
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