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Philippines Wood Beads

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Sig-id wood tube 4-5 mm
Oval black camagong 14x18mm
Black camagong saucer 15mmx7mm
Camagong flat oval 12x20mm
Tiger camagong dice 8mmx8mm
Robles tube 7x15mm
Robles pukalet 5x10mm
Football bayong 10x30mm
Dice rosewood 6x6mm
Saucer bayong 5x8mm
Oval black camagong 10x15mm
Robles pukalet 4x7mm
Palmwood pukalet 4x7mm
Camagong tiger chunk 10x15mm
Nangka football 6mmx20mm
Palmwood twist 10x15
Greywood pukalet 4x10mm
Palmwood saucer 15x10mm
Bayong tube 11mmx25mm
Nangka wood oval 10x12mm
Tiger camagong round beads 10mm
Teardrop bayong 10x15mm
Saucer bayong 8mmx20mm
Greywood wheels 10x15
Natural white wood beads
Bayong double cones 10 x
Nangka beads 8mm
Robles rectangular wood 6x20mm
Tiger camagong round beads 8mm
Bayong twisted 10x15mm
Bayong barrel wood 6x6
Robles sidedrill flat disc 5x10mm
Bayong oval wood 10x20mm
Natural white wood round 12mm
Robles wood capsule 8mmx20mm
Natural white wood mentos 5x8mm
Robles wood oval 10x15mm
Natural white silver coated
Bayong beads 8mm
Natural white wood tear drops
Madre de cacaw pokalet
Palmwood tube 10x20mm
Natural white wood diamond
Nangka beads 10mm
Natural white wood tube 6x15mm
Bayong round wood beads 18mm
Natural white wood football 7x10mm
Bayong football 10x20mm
Robles football stick 6x25
Camagong large beads 30mm
Camagong peanut design groove
Camagong barrel 6x6mm
Nangka heishi 2mmx5mm
Robles heishi 3mmx5mm
Bamboo wood burning
Agsam bamboo black
Dice natural wood burning
Natural wood round beads
15mm natural wood round beads
12mm natural wood cylinder
Natural white wood chunk nuggets
Bayong oval sidedrill 9mmx17mm
Bayong dice 20mmx20mm
Bayong round beads groove
Bayong oval nuggets sidedrill 12mmx22mm
Bayong oval 10mmx20mm
Bayong slice melon 13mmx18mmx8mm
Bayong teardrop 10mmx15mm
Natural white wood mentos 5mmx18mm
Natural white wood rectangular block
Natural white wood rectangular block
Natural white wood rounds beads
Natural white wood saucer 20mmx20mm
Natural white wood rectangular block
Natural white wood flat oval
8mm round black camagong wood
Robles round wood beads 4-5mm
6-7mm natural white round wood
25mm rosewood round beads
Tiger camagong crazy cut 20mmx15mm
Camagong tiger saucer 7mmx15mm
Greywood diamond design 10mmx20mm
Black camagong 4 sided flat
6mm round rosewood beads
Greywood saucer 6mmx10mm
Natural white wood mentos 8mmx14mm
Robles 4 sided diamond tube
Palmwood flat oval 25mmx15mmx7mm
Dice rosewood 12mmx12mm
Round robles wood beads 5mm
Bayong round wood beads 6mm
Patikan wood beads 6mm
Robles round wood beads 15mm
Robles slidecut wood beads 4mmx8mmx21mm
Tiger camagong slidecut wood beads
Bayong oval sidedrill 12mmx8mm
Bayong saucer 10mmx15mm
Bayong oval groove 17mmx27mm
Bayong football 7mmx20mm
Nangka barrel 6mmx6mm
Nangka dice cube 6mmx6mm
Nangka saturn 10mmx15mm
Palmwood banana cut 9mmx5mmx17mm
Bayong triangle nuggets 6mmx15mm
Palmwood rectangular block 6mmx20mm
Camagong tiger twist 10mmx27mm
Natural white wood barrel 10mmx10mm
Bayong dice 6mmx6mm
Bayong disc 5mmx10mm
Rosewood round beads 15mm
Robles round wood beads 20mm
Black camagong dice 12mmx12mm
Camagong tiger twist 23mmx8mm
Robles flat round 7mmx5mm
Bayong barrel double slidecut 11mm
Bayong saucer 6mmx14mm
Palmwood saucer 5mmx8mm
Palmwood flat football 7mmx14mm45mm
Palmwood teardrop 8mmx10mm
Palmwood pucalet 5mmx10mm
Bayong tube 6mmx13mm
Robles slidecut wood beads 8mmx15mmx20mm
Black camagong slidecut 8mmx15mmx20mm
Palmwood saucer 9mmx20mm
Natural white wood barrel 6mmx6mm
Tiger camagong football 45mmx18mm
Robles oval 17mmx25mm
Bayong flat square 15mmx20mm
Bayong flat oval 13mmx25mm
Tiger camagong round wood beads
10mm natural white round
10mm natural white round
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
15mmx10mm natural white oval wood
15mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
20mm natural white round wood
30mm round beads natural white
Natural white wood slidecut 27mmx10mmx9mm
7-8mm natural white wood pokalet
Oval "greywood" 10x15mm 29
Oval" robles" 10x15mm 29
Oval "nangka" 10x15mm 29
"robles" pukalet 4x10mm 75pcs.
"nangka" sidedrill flat disc 5x10mm
"greywood" pointed nuggets 10mmx20mm
"natural white wood" pointed
"nangka" pointed nuggets 10mmx20mm
"nangka" saucer "8mmx5mm" 85
"greywood" twisted 10mmx15mm 26
"robles" slide cube 12mmx12mm
"nangka" slide cube 12mmx12mm
"natural white wood" oval sidedrill
"greywood" oval sidedrill 12mmx8mm
"nangka" football 30mmx10mm 14
"greywood" barrel double slidecut 11mm
Imitation bayong oval wood beads
Imitation bayong oval wood beads
Buffed and bleached "nat white
52mmx25mmx10mm robles groove
50mmx17mmx11mm robles melted nuggets
15mm robles round beads
8mmx8mm mahogany wood cylinder
25mm natural wood beads
25mm natural wood beads
25mm natural wood beads
35mmx35mmx5mm square round edges
30mmx30mmx5mm square round edges
30mmx40mmx6mm greywood twisted 10
30mmx40mmx6mm robles wood twisted
20mm patched wood stripe ball
30mm patched wood stripe ball
20mmx9mm patikan saucer
16mmx16mmx5mm patikan face to face
30mmx40mmx6mm natural white wood twisted
30mmx40mmx6mm redwood sibucao twisted
25mmx25mmx5mm robles square rounded
18mmx19mmx10mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood
40x11mm elongated 3 sided camagong
25mmx25mmx5mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood
25mmx25mmx5mm bayong face to face
18mmx19mmx10mm greywood hardwood pillow shape
30mmx40mmx6mm patikan old palmwood twisted
30mmx8mmx11mm petals camagong tiger ebony
Elongated 3 sided 55mmx15mm greywood
25mmx25mmx5mm patikan face to face
5mmx8mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood
15mmx7mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood
15mmx55mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood
6mmx20mm rosewood 4 sided tube
4mmx10mm patikan flat round
12mmx5m redwood sibucao elongated
5mm camagong tiger ebony hardwood
4mmx6mmx20mm patikan stick 22mm
3mm robles heishe
5mmx7mm bayong ricebeads
35mmx35mmx5mm robles square rounded
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