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Philippines Wholesale Unisex Necklace

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Graduated white clam 4-5mm
4-5mm pukalet brown tones
2-3mm white clam heishi buri
4-5mm wht clam red maroon black green combinationnation
Sq cut khaki combination white
4-5mm c. heishi turq blu royal
2-3mm coconut pukalet corals
White buri beads seed beads
2-3mm org c. hshe 2-3mm c.
2-3mm dark brwn bamboo tube 2-3mm
4-5mm rasta design dominant black
4-5mm wht shell with blue
Wax cord coconut pukalet
Turq blue buri tube
White rose hammershell natural
Green wood tube pukalet
4-5 coconut pukalet bleach
4-5 coconut pukalet natural
4-5mm coconut pukalet tiger
2-3 coconut heishi bleach
Buri orange tube 4-5 pukalet blk
Wax cord 50mm disc
Sea horse pendant inlay
2-3 heishi bleach in
Leather thong 40mm
4-5 mm coconut tiger heishe
White clam blue 4-5
2-3 coconut heishi brown
Leather thong 50x30mm oval
2-3mm coconut heishi pastel blue
Marine blue 2-3 coconut pokalet
Eureka bamboo tube coconut pukalet bleach
Elastic choker 7-8mm coco
Cord polished 40mm oval
Elastic choker 7-8mm coco
Sig-ig tube buri seed
Round cowrie shell pendant
Cord hematite beads and
Cord beads coconut pukalet and
Clam red palium pigtim shell
Red everlasting luhuanus
Celtic mop in wax cord
4-5mm coconut pukalet black brown
Navy blue buri tube
4-5mm red green bleach coconut pokalet
2-3mm orange nat brown combination coco
2-3mm coconut black heishe
4-5mm coco. nat brown
Wood beads tube on
Nassa tiger black 4-5mm
2 rows square cut coco
12 layers agsam burning bamboo
40mm white bone dog tag
Bayong wood tube nassa
Troca scallop mop crazy cut
Red bleach 4-5mm coconut heishe
Dark green 4-5mm coconut pokalet.
2-3mm coconut pokalet. natural brown
2-3mm coconut heishi natural white
Orange 4-5mm coconut pokalet. splashing
4-5mm coconut splashing white
7-8mm natural brown kaput
Diamond cube wood beads
2-3mm coconut pokalet. natural white
White clam white rose
40mm donut blacklip groove
4-5mm coconut heishi bleach
7-8mm black coconut pokalet
4-5mm orange coconut pokalet.
3 pc. 10mm round paua
3 pc. teardrop 18mmx10mm hammershell
45mm teardrop blacktab dyed
White rose orange splashing
White rose dyed yellow
40mm black carabao horn
Twisted 2-3mm natural brown coco
Antique aztec 45mm horn pendant
Bone capsules groove combinationned
Knotted double cord buri
Tube wood beads flat
40mm white celtic carabao bone
Carabao antique natural bone cross
40mm mop celtic fish
Laminated cowrie shell pendant in
Buri seed tube colored
Buri seed tube colored
Lime green tones 2-3mm coco
4-5mm coconut heishi lavender pink black white clam
Cebu beauty white clam
Floating brownlip chips
4-5mm black coconut pokalet.
4-5mm coconut heishi mint green neon
4-5mm coconut pukalet violet brown blue combination
White rose white clam heishe
4-5mm coconut pokalet. in blue
Sq. cut white rose
2-3mm black coconut heishi black
White nassa in wax cord
Sigay macrame white clam
50mm colored handpainted round kabibe
Twisted 3 types mongo shell
Twisted 4 rows-2-3mm coconut heishe
Single row 15mm black
Floating white clam heishe
Troca oval
Wood beads in 2 layer
4-5mm orange hammershell white
Round bayong wood beads
Bamboo tube burning tip
Cowrie tiger tooth pendant
Blue carabao horn nuggets
Tribal carved 80mmx10mm wooden
Double leather thong 45mmx45mm
48mmx18mm triangular laminated cracking blacklip
45mmx10mm abalone shell fang
50mmx15mm cowrie shell fang pendant
90mmx23mm carabao amber horn tusk
Hematite silvery shiny
Hematite silvery shiny
Hematite silvery shiny
Hematite silvery shiny
Hematite silvery shiny
4 layers wax cord in
4 layers wax cord in
Braided brown leather thong
Braided nito marble stone
Bamboo tube burning and
Sigay in wax cord macrame
50mmx35mm laminated and embossed brownlip
White rose and pink lihuanus
2-3mm bleached white coconut pokalet
2 layers adjustable green wax
Brown wax cord brown
Triangle 50mm glistening pink abalone
40mmx30mm clay bug gemstone
45mm clay tooth adjustable
Clay tribal mask on 60mmx40mm
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