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Philippines Wholesale Native Bags

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Orange coconut flowers inner
Pink coconut rings lining
Pandan ceria bag large
Blue and natural coconut rings
Yellow coconut flowers inner
Pandan triple weave medium
Natural coconut rings lining
Green coconut flowers inner
Pandan with patching bag large
Raffia stitch bag dangling
Brown coconut flowers inner
Pandan double zipper medium 10x5x8
Pandan bag with pink straw
Pandan indo stripe bag large
Two toned pink coconut flowers
Pandan selected double zip 12x4x9
Navy blue coconut flowers
Pink abaca fiber bag
Pandan atis bag small 8
Black square coco
Pandan with rattan handle large
Abaca eyelet tricolor lining
Bleach white square coco
Pandan banggay bag small 8x4x7
Abaca eyelet natural lining
Reddish brown square coco
Natural brown natural white combination square
Brown banig beach bag
Pandan buyanos bag medium 7
Brown weaved square coco
Abaca weave brown bag
Pandan eyelet packbag medium 10x4x11
Abaca weave natural peach bag l=8
Natural white jigsaw coco
Pandan bandihado medium 10x16 1 2x9
Banig blue sling bag
Pandan rope bag medium 9
Abaca sling bag l=5 in.
Pandan long braided large 10
Pandan rope bag with wood
Chocolate brown abaca weave bag
Ginit leopard small 9x3 1 2x9
Sinamay handbag 3 flowers
Pandan oval long with zip.
Sinamay green tones flower
Pandan enabaca bag large 11
Sinamay green tones flower plastic
Pandan oval bag small 5x3
Ginit oval bag medium 11x4 1 2x9 1 2
Ginit with tahi small 8x61 2x71 2
Pandan buyanos bag medium 7
Pandan indo colored large 14x5x12
Pandan recta with lining small
Abaca fiber large 14 1 2
Nito with bamboo with lining
Rattan handle with abaca large
Coconut bag recta large 11x3x6
Coconut flower bag medium 10x
Nito manicure bag small 5x2
Tikog bag square small 7x3x6
Coconut flower with lining red
Tikog gift bag small 6x2
Ginit bag 10 1 2x5x9 in.
Ginit recta with tahi 16x
Ginit oval with zipper 10x5x10 in.
Ginit long 10 1 2x4x10 in.
Ginit single ply 15 1 2x 5x12
Ginit bag 9x3x9 in.
Ginit recta with tahi 13x6x10
Pandan heavy duty bag 13
Pandan sofia bag 9x21 2x9 in.
Pandan v-bag 11x4 1 2x10 in
Pandan buyanos with zipper 6
Pandan flat weave with centipede
Pandan lambat bag medium 9
Pandan indo braided with zipper
Pandan with rattan handle 14+5
Pandan lao - it small
Pandan tote bag
Ginit bag 9x9x9 in.
Ginit rectangular just the
Pandan with patching bag large
Pandan buyanos bag set of
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